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Alcatel/Nokia requirements. Used/Refurb

We have requirements for the following Alcatel/Nokia items. If you have any for sale, please let us know. steve@2keane.com

10 x 3HE112

ales39AA   QSFP28 ERL4 40Km

10 x 3HE10550AA    QSFP28 10KM LR4

 8 x 3HE16558AA     QSFP28ZR4 80KM 

5 x 3HE10552AA    QSFP28 CwDM4 2Km 

20 x 3HE05036AA     SFP+LC 10GBASE-ER SMF 40KM

20 x 3HE09327AA     SFP+LC10GBASE-LR SMF 10KM

20 x 3HE09204AA     SFP+LC 10GBASE-SR MMF

10 x 3HE09329AA     SFP+LC10GBASE-ZR SMF 80KM 

10 x 3HE10452AA     SFP+10G BX BiDi 40Km Tx1270

10 x 3HE10452AB     SFP+ 10G BX DBiDi 40Km Tx1330

10 x 3HE05037AA     SFP+10GBX BiDi 10Km Tx1270

10 x 3HE05037AB     SFP+ 10GBX BiDi 10Km Tx1330

10 x 3HE10452AA-60     SFP+10G BX BiDi 40Km Tx1270

10 x 3HE10452AB-60     SFP+ 10G BX DBiDi 40Km Tx1330 

5 x 3HE00564AA-W23   XFP 10G BX10 BiDi 10Km Tx1270

5 x 3HE00564AA-W32     XFP 10G BX10 BiDi 10Km Tx1330

5 x 3HE00876AA-W23     XFP 10G BX10 BiDi 40Km Tx1270  

5 x 3HE00876AA-W32     XFP 10G BX10 BiDi 40Km Tx1310

5 x 3HE05833CA-W23     XFP 10G BX10 BiDi 60Km Tx1270

5 x 3HE05833CA-W32      XFP 10G BX10 BiDi 60Km Tx1310