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New/Used Hardware

GET RESULTS!!! results@ibuywireless.com We Buy/Sell Used, Refurbished central office equipment from: Nortel, Fujitsu, ADC, Tellabs, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia/Siemens, Adtran, Ericsson, Carrier Access, Agilent, Tektronix, Huawei, Calix, Occam, Brocade, Ciena, and many others. Cash offers, bulk buys, consignment, e-cycling. Supply chain logistics, re-marketing 3AL00380AK01 SNCSBBEAAA 553-4-120M1 PIMIGL0DRA, 625626-000-002 SNIUBB01AA, 3EM03689AC01 SN12ADCCAA, 3AL00226AC02 SNCIH03JAA, 3AL00256AG01 SNI5L04BAA, 625633-000-001 SNIUH001AA, 3AL00280AD01 SNPQBK71AA, 3EM02106BC01 SN56ADCAAA, 3AL00128AE01 SNPQBK31AA 3EM02106CE01 SN56AMBAAA, 3AL00428AC01 SNI4AACAAA, 3AL00256AE01 SNI4B0BAAA 3EM02106AP01 SN56AABAAA, 3AL00250ABB01 SNPQBN31AA, 3EM02106AG01 SN55DTEBAA 3EM02106AK01 SN55DUEBAA, 3AL00452AA01 SNP7ZX0BAA, 625656-000-001 SNPQBK41AA 3EM02106BB01 SN56ADBAAA, 3EM02106DA01 SN56AFYAAA, 625690-000-001 SNM9AA0ARA 3EM06316AA01 SNM9830ARA, 3AL00310AA01 SNT1DJABAA, 3EM02211AA02 SNM9VA0ARA 3EM02106AR01 SN56AACAAA, 3AL00250ABA01 SNC3DGE3AA, 625640-000-001 SNM1ZA01MA 625621-000-002 SNIURB01AA

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