Legacy Electronics Corp
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We require the following Alcatel/Lucent equipment. Used, overstock, etc. Please contact Joseph Rooney joseph@2keane.com if you have any.  8DG60320AA      1 unit..
We are buying the following equipment. Contact sales@2keane.com if you have any. New or used.  1. Switch C9500-24Y4C-A - 2 sets including: • C9500-24Y4C-A, Switch Cisco Catalyst 9500..
We are looking for good quantities of the following Nokia Radios. Let us know how many you have.  472924A FXED RFM 6T/6R 1800Mhz (6X60W) 473439A FXEF RFM 3T/6R 1800MHz (3X80W) 472956A..
We are looking to buy used/refurbished Calix. Calix 7RU B6-006 100-01486 - Calix 762GX ONT, 8POTS (QTY 5) 100-01299 - Calix 760 Enclosure (QTY 5) 100-00746 - Calix ONTCMN-560 AUD ALM..
We are looking for the following Quintum Tenor items. DX2030- 2 each; DX2060-2 each; DX4120- 4 each Contact sales@2keane.com
We are looking for the following Juniper items> Juniper MPC5EQ-40G10G.Used/refurbished/overstock. Contact us at sales@2keane.com  
We are looking to buy the following Ciena kit. Used/refurbished. Ciena Z77 WSS-402 card PN 800-0036-01 Quantity 4 Ciena Z77 WSS-F2 ROADM card PN 800-0136-01 Quantity 1 Contact..
We are looking to purchase the following medical hardware. Contact us if you have anything for sale. sales@2keane.com Baxter AS50 Syringe Pumps  BBraun Infusomat Space Infusion Pumps..
We need the following Alcatel/Lucent items. 10 ALCATEL-LUCENT TN1276 cards  contact sales@2keane.com
We are looking to buy the following Motorola/Emerson equipment. MVME5500-0163. Please let us know if you have any for sale.
We are looking for the following Juniper, Fujitsu, Siemens items. sales@2keane.com MPC5EQ-40G10G MPC5EQ-100G10G MPC7E-MRATE SCBE2-MX PWR-MX480-2400-DC RE-S-1800X4-32G NTCA50BA..
Legacy Electronics Corp. is looking for used/refurbished Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform equipment. Contact me steve@2keane.com to buy or sell! NTK539WB, NT0H15AY,..
WANT TO BUY: FC9565MPE2-I02, I04 or higher (no I03’s) FC9565TPE2’s any issue or FC9565TDA2-I04 or higher FC9685JC55, FC9682QMC1 FC9685N461 WMUCA05 FLASHWAVE 7420 FC9684LQ32-I03..
We are looking for used, excess, or over stock Tellabs or Coriant equipment. Contact Steve sales@2keane.com if you can help.  tellabs/coriant umc1000 SBT1B0AAAA 0120-0017 RPSU 0101 0006 XX..
We are looking to buy Fujitsu FC9565MPE2-I02, I04 or higher (no I03’s). Please contact steve@2keane.com if you have any for sale. Legacy Electronics Corp. 
We have regular requirements for these and other Ciena items. used/refurb/overstock/need repair. Please contact us if you have any for sale: sales@2keane.com 407-936-1310 Legacy Electronics..
BUYING USED.. Ciena Cyan equipment. Contact sales@2keane.com if you have these or any other Ciena items. 800-0058-01, CYAN/CIENA Z SERIES PME-216i, PACKET MULTIPLEXER MODULE 2XFP 16SFP
Our regular shopping list! Cash for your used equipment. Contact sales@2keane.com Cisco NCS2K-400G-XP - 400G CFP2 MR Xponder cards. NCS2K-100G-CK-C, CISCO NCS2K-200G-CK-C, Cisco..
We are looking for supplies of these Alcatel/Lucent items. Used/refurb. SNRTEEC 739B2   OC48 TRMTR FT-2000 or 739B5! Contact Steve sales@2keane.com www.ibuywireless.com  
We look to buy used/refurb/overstock equipment. Please contact sales@2keane.com if you have any of the following OR OTHER items for sale. CASH for USED. ..